Thursday, July 24, 2014

California Dreaming...

If you have found your way to my just-getting-started-though-I've-had-this-for-years blog, then I welcome you with warm, open arms! While I am writing to no one in particular, in the fashion of a diary I guess you could say, I certainly don't mind you reading my ramblings, thoughts, and secrets (...but don't tell hypothetical Jessica, because that girl cannot keep a secret!).

I think the best place to start is right here, right now. My favorite stories seem to do the same. Rather than going back to the beginning, or the actual start, they begin where the character currently is. With who the character currently is, and they work backwards/forwards/side-to-side from there.

So where am I? Who am I? Let me fill you in. I am a twenty-something girl living in America. My name is "Sea" and my favorite things in this life include talking with Jesus, looking at but never picking sunflowers (though I will buy ones that have already been cut), playing with cats, drinking coffee with my mom, collecting movies, dreaming of California, swimming in the ocean, and talking with people who listen. I love writing and taking pictures and drawing, though who knows if I'm good at any of that. And who cares?

I wish I'd eat healthier, run more, and learn how to do my makeup better. I wish I could live along the coast in a VW Bus with my dogs and surfboards. I wish a lot of things and I'm still very much in the process of figuring out how to make them realities.

I have learned quite a few things in my twenty-some years, though I know it's not even the tip of the iceberg. I know that to live a happy life, the first step is to be happy with yourself. That, it turns out, has a set of directions all its own. Those directions include, in no particular order, being positive, taking care of your mind and soul and body, as well as finding what it is that makes your chest swell with passion and love. I'm definitely still in the midst of all of these phases, though I know for sure that Jesus and the sea are my greatest happy pills.

But enough about me for now. Who are you, quiet stranger? And how did you find me here?

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