Sunday, September 27, 2015

never alone & never lonely too long

A fact about me is that I believe in God. And not the "yeah, sure, why not?" kind of way (though that's just as good, if you ask me), but in the "I live for You, I love You achingly, I would be no one without You" kind of desperate way. The thing is, I think a lot of people live this way for other people, but I live this way for God. He's my dude. And He never leaves me or lets me be lonely for too long, because there's a deeper kind of magic to Him where He is always there, even when He's elsewhere. I believe in God, because my heart believes in God. He makes sense to us. He cherishes us. And He loves us back. And, get this, for whatever reason, He believes in us and our worth. Insane. Insanely awesome. I digress (but not really), because there's rumor going around that He loves you, too. Turns out some rumors are true.

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