Wednesday, September 30, 2015

when the lines cross

there is something so intriguing
about the stains upon your knees
something about the greenness
speaks softly straight to me

it whispers that you're still young
beneath the calluses and scars
tells me that you like adventure
climbing trees and driving cars

while your old soul may be broken
your spirit still stays free
you are the one i want now
with you, my heart must be

you're the huckleberry finn
to my cheeky boy, tom sawyer
we'll forever be a team
finding adventures by the water

while you still seem to believe
that your house will surely burn
i must remind you about treasures
something true that you must learn

even gemstones that are crushed
beneath the power of the earth
remain beautiful and perfect
like a tiny child's birth

though our stories started somewhere
between the city and the sea
from now on, i call shotgun
if you're driving next to me

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