Sunday, January 3, 2016

the rolling stone who came to a halt

choking on all that tomorrow may bring
i set forth with an open mind
through the grunts and the coughs
i can hear myself gasping
for air but not for revival
for one last time to tell you that
of all the skin and bone in this
place and of all the
beating blood of my life
i have never been
more infatuated with another
than i have
been with you
before i die tonight or then
i must tell you
the vibrations of my epidermis
make their waves
for you and all you stand
for never dulling
around you in hesitation
or dismissal of
the power you hold
over the swelling of my chest
because for the first
and last time
since the year i first remember
i can claim life as booming
as flowing, real, and true
all because of
elusively mobile you

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