Saturday, October 31, 2015

all hallow's eve

tonight we mock our demons and laugh at their desperate attempts to pull us under the surface.
tonight we dance with the devil, but only because it's our best friend dressed in sparkling red horns.
tonight we shine light on all the darkness with laughter and letting go of our faults and failures.
tonight we get drunk off apple cider and candy like we did when we were seven.
tonight we flashback to the houses in the woods where we trick-or-treated years ago.
tonight we lure the werewolves into our sight and invite the vampires into our homes.
tonight we feed the monsters under our beds and tell them to take as much as they want.
tonight we become the dreams inside our heads and are accepted as such by the world.
tonight we scream our cries, letting our hearts race in their cages without feeling heavy.
tonight we walk into the unnerving black streets with nothing but a bag of hope.
tonight we talk with the strangers who surround us and everyone's an old friend.
tonight we watch as gremlins are treated like princesses, and pirates regarded like fairies.
tonight we try to make last for longer than a couple hours because magic shouldn't know time.
tonight we compare our sought out treasures and trade like the natives of our land.
tonight we crash into our barracks and our minds are blackened to the fall after the high.
tonight we sleep with a smile, because the chill of the air helped preserve our place in the night.

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