Sunday, November 1, 2015

black cat magic

the paranoia sets in
as he crosses the threshold
uninvited yet somehow welcome
the curiosities of your mind
encircle his darkness
as he slinks and he stalks
towards your form
soft as the dark hue of blue
in the star-peppered sky
and quick as the wind
tearing through trees
he winds through your home
mysteriously deliberate
and as he sweeps out
he takes you with him
into the night you follow
on foot as he hides
in the black corners of the street
you can't not trail him
anticipating what you will find
where his body might lead
and he stops, looks around
meets his eyes with yours
winks and at once becomes
one with the night
twirling madly around
you come to a halt when the cold
gust of air hits you
your eyes are opened and wide
to the dancing of dead leaves
and the smell of magic
you feel the enchantment
left by the spell-casting feline
and will eternally
find peace in the dark

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